Okanagan Winemaker Knighted For Her Extensive Accomplishments!

Winemaker Severine Pinte in the vineyard

Consul General Of France Chooses Okanagan Winemaker For Top Award:

On June 9th, 2023, winemaker, Severine Pinte, was knighted with an Order of Agricultural Merit by the Consul General of France. The decisions on who to knight comes from the French minister of agriculture themselves. There are a handful of chefs that hold this honour, yet this is the first time that an Okanagan winemaker has been raised to the order. Severine accepted the award at Le Vieux Pin Winery, surrounded by her family and colleagues.

Severine came to the Okanagan with a wealth of viticultural and winemaking experience. She graduated from France’s National School of Agronomy in Montpellier and has 26 years of harvests to boast – 13 of those are in the Okanagan.

Perhaps you’ve tried the wines from Le Vieux Pin and La Stella located in Oliver and Osoyoos, perhaps you have not. When you do take a sip, you’ll understand why she was singled out for the order. Her extensive experience in the Old World and across the globe means that as the grapes grow in the vineyard, she as a full understanding of how to best “raise” the wines into top quality examples of their grape varieties and the terroir of the Okanagan.

If you’re curious, you can find some of Severine’s wines that she makes at Le Vieux Pin at selected liquor stores and restaurants. Look out for her “Ava” which is a blend of white varieties common to the Rhone Valley in France. Also, try Le Vieux Pin’s Cuvee Violette Syrah!

Congratulations Severine!

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