Okanagan Wineries Fear 50% Less Wine in 2023!

There was a week long cold snap in December 2022, just before Christmas. Parts of the Okanagan saw temperatures dip below -22 C for a few days at a time. This is very challenging to wineries, because many grape vine buds just can’t handle the cold.

If the buds that set on the vines in the fall die, they won’t produce shoots or fruit the next year, so this has winemakers worried. No buds, no grapes, no wine.

The CBC wrote an in depth article about this in April 2023 – you can read it here (click or tap here).

Why should you care? Well if a business has 50% less inventory to sell but demand is still high, then the prices will keep going up! Not sure if you would call this inflation, climate change or bad luck!