Wineries In West Kelowna (Westbank)

West Kelowna wineries are located in the City of West Kelowna which is a 10-minute drive from Kelowna and 35 minutes from Penticton. There is a lot to discover in this scenic city but most breathtaking are the vineyards situated on hillsides with the most stunning views of the lake.

West Kelowna wineries are located on the West Side Wine Trail which makes visiting the tasting rooms easy as you wind your way along a scenic lake side, rolling hills with sprawling vineyards and rural countryside. There is a diverse range of wines to taste from each winery that will thrill your palate. Creating memories is what each West Kelowna winery goal is they want you to love their wines, buy some to take home, tell your friends and most of all enjoy your wine sipping experience.

Due to the diverse soil types, climatic conditions and resulting styles of wine which makes West Kelowna wineries stand out as having consistently unique terroir, I believe that this region will be the next to be recognized with its own Sub Geographic Indication (Sub GI).

Mount Boucherie is a prominent geological fixture in West Kelowna. Mt Boucherie is the remails of a former stratovolcano that was created 60 million years ago. It used to be 2000 meters above lake and now it is 417 meters above the lake and has been through many different glacial periods within the last 50 million years which caused it to erode into Mt Boucherie. It is made up of rhyolite, and andesite volcanic rock on the north and south sides and diacite on the east and northeast sides.

Why is this important? Because all the West Kelowna wineries benefit from the volcanite and paramagnetic soils which are exceptional for grapevines. You will be hard pressed to find a wine you do not like in West Kelowna, they all share that special something in the soils.

Here is a list of West Kelowna wineries to visit — we will highlight a few at the end that we think are well worth visiting!

  1. Quails Gate Estate Winery
  2. Mission Hill Family Estate Winery
  3. Mount Boucherie
  4. Frind Estate Winery
  5. Little Straw Vineyards
  6. The Hatch
  7. Crown & Thieves
  8. Indigenous World Winery
  9. Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
  10. Black Swift Vineyards
  11. Rollingdale Winery
  12. Off the Grid Organic Winery
  13. Kahala Organic Estate Winery
  14. Grizzli Winery
  15. Ciao Bella Winery
  16. Beaumont Family Estate Winery

Quails Gate Estate Winery
This family-owned estate winery boasts a rich history of viticulture and a renowned restaurant with a breathtaking view of Okanagan Lake.

Mt Boucherie Estate Winery
One of the largest vineyard holdings in BC. Indulge in a luxurious wine experience and enjoy the stunning views of West Kelowna.

Black Swift Vineyards
Owned by the legendary winemaker Jason Parkes. Friendly staff, stunning vistas, and incredible wines await you at this remarkable winery.

Kahala Organic Estate Winery
A family-owned boutique winery known for its highly awarded wines and beautiful vineyards.

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery
Situated on a dormant volcano, this family-owned winery offers a memorable wine-tasting experience.


Katherine McEachnie, DipWSET