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Experience the captivating story of Ancient Hill Estate Winery, where Richard and Jitske Kamphuys have curated a tasting room experience that immerses you in the essence of nature. Tired of the bustling city life in the Netherlands, their journey led them to Kelowna in 1992, where they found a deep connection to the land and a desire to embrace a more harmonious lifestyle.

Originally purchasing a property with an existing orchard, the Kamphuys set out on a new venture, trying their hand at orcharding. However, realizing the volatility of the orchard industry, they made the bold decision to replant the property’s vineyard and establish a winery. Steeped in history, the land had once been a vineyard in the 1940s and early 1950s, with abandoned vines still surviving as a testament to the region’s viticultural pioneers.

In 2005, the Ancient Hill vineyard was born, meticulously planted with select varietals chosen to thrive in this unique terroir. From Baco Noir to Gewurztraminer, each grape variety was carefully selected based on their ability to grow and ripen beautifully at Ancient Hill. The winery itself, designed by renowned architect Robert Mackenzie in 2008, embodies the spirit and vision of Ancient Hill.

Guided by the expertise of consulting winemaker Christine Leroux, Ancient Hill crafted their inaugural vintage in 2009, achieving remarkable results that speak to the dedication and passion poured into each bottle.

The name “Ancient Hill” pays homage to the powerful natural forces that shaped the vineyard’s terroir. Millennia ago, glaciers covered the land, leaving behind a wealth of sand and gravel. As the glaciers receded, a vast glacial lake called “Lake Penticton” was formed, and the site of Ancient Hill lay beneath its waters. This ancient history adds depth and character to the wines produced here.

Symbolizing the interconnectedness of nature’s elements, Ancient Hill’s logo represents the harmonious fusion of Earth, Air, and Water—the foundations upon which the eternal circle of life unfolds, nurtured by the grapevines and their bountiful fruit.

Step into the Ancient Hill tasting room and allow yourself to be transported into a world where nature’s elements converge, creating wines that embody the essence of their terroir. Discover the captivating story of Ancient Hill Estate Winery, where tradition, passion, and the circle of life intertwine in each sip.

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