Crowsnest Vineyards

Cawston & Keremeos

Types of Wines

Pinot Noir
Sparkling Wine
Mostly Whites

In 1985, the Heinecke family purchased Crowsnest Vineyards and launched the Winery, Restaurant, and Guesthouse. The family played an important role in the growth of the Similkameen wine region, with their wine and food offerings continuously improving over time.

As leaders of the business, Sascha and Anna Heinecke were key figures in its evolution, and following their parents’ retirement in 2018, they assumed leadership with a bold new vision.

Their vision is centered on the region’s abundance, utilizing the remarkable local terroir to create their wines and incorporating fresh, exceptional ingredients in their menus, pantry, and bakery.

Wine Tasttings
Customer Washrooms
Wheelchair Accessible
Restaurant / Bistro
Picnic Area
Inside Facilities
Outside Facilities
Per-person admission:
Hours of operation:
Daily 10am-5pm
Not required
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Walk-ins welcome