Little Farm Winery

Cawston & Keremeos

Types of Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Mostly Whites
Natural Wines

Little Farm Winery is a tiny and located in Cawston (Southern end of the Similkameen Valley), owned and operated by Rhys Pender and Alishan Driediger. The two choose to tend the vineyard manually, in the low-intervention style so each wine explicitly shows off its vintage and terroir.

They make wines with minimal manipulation and intervention to really capture the vineyard site and growing season. Little Farm Winery will never be big.  They will always focus on making small batches of single-vineyard wine that reflect each site’s unique characteristics.

Low-intervention methods are used in both the viticulture and the winemaking. Local, ambient yeast is used to start the fermentations and often leaving wines unfined and unfiltered. Fining and filtering can help “fix” smoke taint, underripeness and other vineyard issues. Skipping this process is bold, since there is little way to cover up flaws in the winemaking process.

Little Farm is unwavering in the pursuit of wine that naturally shows off its sense of place. Their wines are unusual, different, and remarkable.

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