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Spearhead Winery is situated on the benchlands of South East Kelowna. The winery focuses on producing premium quality Okanagan wines sourced from grapes cultivated in their estate vineyard and selected vineyards in the Okanagan. The hand-harvested grapes undergo sorting and fermentation in small batches at the winery.

The estate vineyard at Spearhead Winery encompasses 15 acres, primarily dedicated to growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling. Among the vines, approximately 80% consists of Pinot Noir, including four different Dijon clones, two California heritage clones, and Pommard.

This diverse assortment allows the winemaker to select and combine the distinct characteristics of these clones, resulting in a harmonious and complex Pinot Noir unique to their home vineyard. Additionally, grapes from other vineyards in the Okanagan, such as Golden Retreat in Summerland and Coyote Vineyard in West Kelowna, are also utilized.

The vineyard and winemaking operations at Spearhead Winery are led by Grant Stanley, a highly esteemed BC winemaker. Serving as the Winemaker/General Manager for several years, Grant has revolutionized the winemaking program. His dedication to showcasing the specific terroirs of the Central Okanagan Valley is evident in the development of their “single vineyard” program, particularly for their Pinot Noir bottlings. These Okanagan wines exemplify the unique attributes of the vineyards from which they originate.

Spearhead Winery also produces blended Pinot Noirs, including their renowned Cuvee, which combines the distinct characteristics of various vineyards. This exclusive approach to winemaking extends to other varietals as well, such as their Chardonnay, which is crafted from a single clone.

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