Sperling Vineyards


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Pinot Gris
Gamay Noir
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Blanc
Sparkling Wine
Mostly Whites
Mostly Reds
Natural Wines

Sperling Vineyards established their vineyard in the 1920s, and when the first vines were planted, giving birth to a remarkable vineyard. From that point on, Sperling Vineyards became synonymous with exceptional Okanagan wines and table grape production.

A pivotal moment for Okanagan wines arrived in 1978 with the establishment of the renowned Riesling Weiss Family clone 21, a true gem in their collection.

Building on their success, the 1980s saw a strategic shift towards cultivating vinifera varieties, with a special focus on the coveted pinot grapes. These choices paved the way for the creation of wines that exude elegance and character.

In 2008, the Sperling family took a significant leap forward by launching their own wine label and embarking on a journey of winemaking.

Located in the East Kelowna Slopes GI, Sperling Vineyards benefits from the unique combination of high elevation and mineral-rich soils. This terroir breathes life into their old vines, and with careful craftsmanship, they produce wines that truly embody the essence of the land.

In recognition of their commitment to sustainable practices, Sperling Vineyards pursued organic certification in 2015. Their dedication paid off in 2017 when they achieved the esteemed organic certification, highlighting their unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.

Experience the magic of Sperling Vineyards, where tradition and innovation harmoniously converge, and allow their wines to tell a captivating story with every sip.

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